Charlotte Gibson Mysteries

Aloha Alibi

By Jasmine Webb

Most people flee to Hawaii for gorgeous weather, white-sand beaches, and cocktails at sunset. Charlotte Gibson, however, is fleeing for her life after a vengeful mobster leaves a severed finger on her doorstep as a warning. Message very much received.

That’s how Charlotte—Charlie to everyone except her mom— finds herself on Maui with six dollars to her name, living with a mother who can’t stop giving her advice on how to land herself a husband. But when a businessman is murdered and his company offers a reward to whoever finds the killer, Charlie sees an opportunity: with that kind of cash, she could afford her own place and start a new life here away from the people who want her dead. After all, how hard can hunting down a murderer be?

Teaming up with a couple of old ladies with more spunk than Betty White, Charlie is sure she’s on the right track to snag the reward money. However, the infuriating-but-smoldering-hot cop trying to keep her away from his case has other ideas. Throw in a day job at an ice cream shop, corrupt local politicians, and a best friend trying to act as the voice of reason, and Charlie has her work cut out for her.

Will she be able to find the killer, or is Charlie’s time in paradise going to go straight to hell in a handbasket?

Maui Murder

By Jasmine Webb

Charlie finally feels like she’s got a bit of breathing room. She’s flush with cash, she and Zoe are moving into a snazzy new apartment, and she’s riding the wave of having solved a murder a few weeks earlier. But when a local woman is murdered and her family hires Charlie to find the killer, she finds herself embroiled in yet another investigation.

However, what Charlie initially thinks might be an easy solve quickly finds her mired in Maui’s seedy underworld, with a victim who led a double life. Finding herself dealing with a suspect list longer than a CVS receipt, Charlie enlists the help of Dot and Rosie to narrow down that list and get a lead on the real killer.

But between Jake trying to keep her out of the investigation, new neighbors who make Ozzy Osbourne look normal, and an attempted robbery at her day job, Charlie quickly finds she’s got her hands full once again. And to make matters worse, as Charlie gets closer to solving the crime, she realizes the killer has another target in mind: her.

Can Charlie bring another killer to justice before she’s turned into shark bait?

Beachside Bullet

By Jasmine Webb

Charlie is taking the plunge to become a private investigator, and her first official case is a doozy. When three of Zoe’s coworkers are shot in a brazen mid-day attack, Charlie is initially content to let the police deal with it. But when it becomes obvious the detective in charge has the IQ of a box of crayons, she decides to step in to ensure the killer is found.

What appears at first glance to be a random attack quickly becomes more than that, and before she knows it Charlie finds herself scouring the island for a murderer, with the help of Dot and Rosie, of course.

In case hunting down a shooter wasn’t enough, Charlie quickly nets herself another customer in the form of her eight-year-old neighbor. And of course, Charlie isn’t expecting Jake to take the news of her new career very well. Luckily, Charlie isn’t especially worried about his opinion, especially when she has so much on her plate.

Is Charlie about to make a splash in her new career, or will she quickly find herself drowning, instead?

Pina Colada Poison

By Jasmine Webb

Charlie Gibson is the first port of call when Marion Hennessey, one of Hollywood's biggest stars, finds herself in trouble. Marion's yoga instructor has been murdered, but Marion herself was the intended target, and Charlie has to find the killer before they strike again.

The stakes are high as Charlie finds herself mired in the word of celebrity gossip. And she soon finds herself a new leading man as the gorgeous Rowan McLeod seems happy to help her in any way he can. However, the closer she gets to Rowan, the more questions Charlie seems to have regarding her relationship with Jake.

With help from Dot and Rosie, Charlie is confident she can find the killer and bring them to justice, even if it means doing yoga for once in her life. But Charlie soon finds herself in the killer's crosshairs. She has to get to the bottom of this, and fast, before she ends up in corpse pose—permanently.

Hibiscus Homicide

By Jasmine Webb

When a tourist is murdered in Ka'anapali, and it turns out he's someone from Rosie's past, Charlie is on the case. She needs to find out whether or not the man knew about Rosie's defection, or if it's just a coincidence he was killed on the island.

And while the stakes couldn't be higher, Charlie finds herself butting heads with the FBI, at the same time as she's getting closer to Jake than ever. And she's not sure that's a bad thing…

Charlie has to get to the bottom of this case before Rosie's true identity is revealed, but going up against trained spies is completely outside her wheelhouse.

Will Charlie find the killer and protect her friend, or is she going to find herself out in the cold… permanently?

Kalikimaka Killer

By Jasmine Webb

Christmas in Hawaii is all surfing Santa Claus, palm trees strung up with lights and… murder?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year on Maui, although not so much for one of Zoe’s patients. Zoe is convinced the woman was murdered, despite her death being ruled accidental, but the police won’t listen to her so she goes to Charlie for help. The two of them, along with Dot and Rosie, set out to get justice for Zoe’s patient.

But what initially looks like it might be a simple case quickly becomes complicated, and Charlie finds herself in more danger than cookies left out on Christmas Eve. Oh, and is that Jake standing under the mistletoe?

All Charlie wants for Christmas is to catch a murderer. That’s not too much for a girl to ask for, is it?

Surfboard Stabbing

By Jasmine Webb

When Maui's biggest local surfing event of the year hits the island, Charlie plans on sticking to the sidelines, cheering for Zoe, safely away from the water. But on day one of the competition, a body washes up on shore, and it’s one of Vesper’s ex-boyfriends.

With Vesper quickly emerging as one of the prime suspects, Charlie, Dot and Rosie jump into action to clear the former surfer’s name and find the real killer. But Jake is in charge of the case, and their new relationship is about to be dealt a challenge as they decide to take different tracks.

Add to this the problem of the gangsters in Seattle, and Charlie has her hands full. Will she save her relationship with Jake and solve the case, saving Vesper’s freedom in the process? Or will the killer get to her first, causing Charlie to wipe out—permanently?

And while the stakes couldn't be higher, Charlie finds herself butting heads with the FBI, at the same time as she's getting closer to Jake than ever. And she's not sure that's a bad thing…

Charlie has to get to the bottom of this case before Rosie's true identity is revealed, but going up against trained spies is completely outside her wheelhouse.

Will Charlie find the killer and protect her friend, or is she going to find herself out in the cold… permanently?

Poppy Perkins Mysteries

Booked for Murder

By Jasmine Webb

Poppy’s dream of being an author is on life support, and the plug’s about to be pulled. She can barely make her rent, and she’s avoiding her mom’s calls about going to law school. She hasn’t even hit rock bottom yet, this is just a ledge on the way down…

When Poppy Perkins decides to talk back to a customer who thinks it’s okay to scream at her over donuts, Poppy knows she’s going to get fired. But what she doesn’t expect is for the customer to be a local celebrity, and for a video of their interaction to go viral—or for the customer to drop dead five minutes later, poisoned by the donut Poppy had just served him.

Okay, now she’s hit rock bottom.

With Poppy the prime suspect, she has to find the real killer before she’s locked up for a crime she didn’t commit. But what originally looks to be a run-of-the-mill murder quickly finds Poppy mired in a case that’s thicker than San Francisco fog. And can Poppy trust the journalist with adorable dimples who insists he’s only after the truth?

Will Poppy get to the bottom of this case and find the killer, or is she about to get Boston creamed?

Read Between the Lies

By Jasmine Webb

Poppy's dreams are finally coming true, until they turn into her worst nightmare.

When her new editor is murdered right next to her, Poppy knows she needs Ophelia's help to get justice for Ellie. The two of them quickly find themselves in the middle of a scandal rocking the world of professional chess that could lead them to the killer.

At the same time, Poppy is also trying to figure out how to work with her new editor who is convinced Poppy is going to fail, working on finding a new job, and looking for a new roommate. Not to mention, seeing where her relationship with Nick is going.

Oh, and she’s gotten herself mired in another case with Ophelia, and this time Interpol is involved. All in a day’s work, right?

But as Poppy gets closer to finding the murderer, things are getting more dangerous for her. Will Poppy outsmart her opponent, or is she about to find herself in real-life checkmate?